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Why Mack Studios?

When you work with Mack, you get design expertise, a continuous improvement culture, and all-inclusive manufacturing capabilities, all under one roof.

Mack Studios
If it's not fast, it's not from Mack."

Over 50 years in business, we've streamlined the design process to bring your ideas to life in days - not weeks. One of the ways we do this is through our life-sized mockups that simulate fixture material and structure easily without the cost or time involved in full-scale production. This gives clients the ability to make quick decisions involving product footprint, scale and overall design.


Plus, we've designed our process around keeping the manufacturing endgame in mind at all times. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to react quickly during the prototyping and production phases of the project. This eliminates costly delays and quality concerns with subcontracted vendors for common materials including acrylic, metal, vinyl and print.

Speed is important, but it never comes at the cost of top-quality work. That's why our service teams are deeply involved in every phase of the project, identifying critical details early to avoid problems at each stage of the production process.


Mack Studios is small enough to provide the personal attention our clients expect, yet large enough to provide a strong structure of processes, technology and staff. That's why we're able to handle such as a wide range of services from design and prototyping to production and distribution.


When you work with Mack Studios you'll have direct access to all levels of our leadership team through every phase of the project. Plus, you'll find that we're agile enough to make critical decisions quickly, bringing much-needed flexibility as market needs change.

At Mack Studios, we don't think a project is successful unless we deliver it on budget. That's why we strive for efficiency throughout the production process to ensure every solution is cost-effective and innovative.


Our leadership team utilizes the latest in technology to provide better value, along with production scalability. This allows us to bring more sophistication and economic viability to our product offerings.

From small in-store displays to large, immersive retail experiences, we do it all - and we approach every job with the same creativity, integrity, and craftsmanship that has made us renowned throughout the industry.


Mack offers design expertise, rapid prototyping, bulk production, programmatic roll outs, warehousing, logistics and installations. 95% of domestic manufacturing happens at our Auburn location, which provides superior customer service with immediate response time and exceptional quality.


More than manufacturers, we maintain long-standing relationships with international partners that provide the same attention to detail and service, but on a larger production scale.


Shanghai China Full Manufacturing Capabilities, Warehousing and Distribution


EU - Germany Full Manufacturing Capabilities, Warehousing and Distribution


Montreal Canada Metal Fabrication Capabilities, Warehousing and Distribution

Mack Studios
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