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We are a team of ARTISTS working in many mediums!

From our exceptional design capabilities, to our rapid prototyping, rollouts, logistics, and warehousing, Mack Studios is a versatile and collaborative full-service firm bustling with creativity.

With 95% of domestic work happening under one roof, we're exceptionally accessible to one another and our customers.



Mack Studios is a culture of true collaboration and inspiration. Design is our first language. In fact, design has been the focus of our founder and our company for the last 50 years. Through material alteration and the principles of form and function, we excel at creating environments and fixtures that communicate your brand to the world.

creative design process
When it comes to great design, testing is paramount. That's why we create your design in multiple stages, simplifying the process and streamlining the decision making process. This helps validate the design earlier, which saves you both time and money.
Bringing a design from the drawing board to the showroom requires superior execution. That's why our engineering team combines decades of creative expertise with the latest techniques and technology. The result is superior functionality, bringing life and energy to your ideas and your brand.
One of Mack Studios' unique capabilities is creating full-sized mockups that accurately simulate fixture material and structure. Creating mockups is a very cost-effective strategy that enables our clients to make quick decisions and adjustments about footprint, scale and overall design look and feel. This process takes just a few days, instead of the weeks normally required for a completed fixture.
Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and rapid prototyping process means we bring your design concepts to life quickly so you can see, feel and experience your fixture earlier in the process.




Our in-house capabilities have cemented our reputation as a world-class manufacturer of custom fixtures and furnishings for consumer spaces large and small. We’re able to provide exceptional quality for just about any aspect of construction, within your timeframe and budget including:

  • Millwork/Cabinetry
  • Solid surface
  • Acrylic fabrication
  • High gloss paint and Automotive Finish
  • Molding and Vacuum Form
  • 3D printing prototyping and production
  • Print, prepress and production, I-cut
  • MIG/TIG/Resistant Welding
  • Powder Coating
  • Fiber optic Laser sheet metal cutting
  • Sheet metal bending
fabrication work for products




Our service teams combine the expertise and capability of larger corporations with the high levels of personalized service you often get with smaller companies.Mack’s service teams are:

  • Intimately involved with every step in the process from initial design, through estimating, engineering, production, and final inspection.
  • Empowered to make critical decisions on every project.
  • Have access to top level leadership, (CEO/owner and COO) at a moment’s notice when necessary.
  • Experts in industry-wide project management best practices and tools.
project management
The quality of the finished product starts in the design process. Mack Studios starts every design with a full understanding of the functionality requirements, expected environment, and product life span. Critical details and tolerances are identified early in the process and clearly documented. All of our personnel are trained with these expectations in mind and held accountable. Typical Mack Studios’ stages of inspection include:
  • Materials
  • 1st articles
  • In-Process
  • Pre-Shipment
Inventory tracking is an integral part of our system, providing accurate, real-time data and customized reporting. This information is critical to identifying trends and ratios that help you make better decisions.



To Market

Mack Studios’ highly experienced team provides strategic warehousing and distribution solutions for your design format. We’re focused on delivery of your fixtures and environments on-time and in superb condition. Plus, our team ensures everything is installed perfectly.
shipping and processing facility
At Mack Studios we provide over one million square feet of warehousing space, both here, in the US, and abroad to meet your strategic distribution needs. Over 50,000 square feet of that space is available in Auburn, NY. Our studio warehousing services include:
  • Long term storage
  • Custom Inventory Reporting
  • Pick and Pack
  • Kitting /Collating
  • Custom packaging and labeling
Plus, we combine our expansive storage capabilities with flexible inventory management. That means accurate, real-time, individualized reporting, based on the specific needs of each client.
It's one thing to securely store your inventory. It's quite another to get it where it needs to go, when it needs to be there. That's why Mack has our own trucks to provide greater flexibility and the ability to respond to urgent needs. We also utilize world-class logistics partners to ensure you have what you need, when you need it most. Mack Studios’ logistics services include:
  • Ocean freight
  • Priority air freight
  • Custom brokerage
  • Intra-continental truck load
  • North American trans-border
  • Shipping schedule and management
  • 24- Hour Advanced Delivery confirmation calls
  • Special Delivery Services, i.e. white glove
Our team of in-house installers provide the experience, flexibility, dedication, and attention to detail to ensure your installation is not only successful, but also executed on schedule and within the budget you set. Need more scalable solutions? Mack manages an extensive global network of vendor partners, installation and construction professionals to provide scalable installations worldwide. Our installation services include:
  • Fixture installation
  • KD fixture assembly
  • Site survey
  • Location plans
  • Shop in shop drawings
  • Architectural services
  • Demo
  • General contracting
  • Site supervision
Mack Studios stays with you after final installation. In fact, we can customize a maintenance program to ensure your displays continue to deliver results for you. Our ERP system makes it simple to identify the components, fixtures, and materials required to quickly fulfill in-store maintenance needs with ease.

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