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Mack History

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Mack Studios was founded in 1965 by Casimir Thomas Maciulewicz (known affectionately as “Chuck Mack”) in the garage of the family home in Auburn, NY. Back then, Chuck’s son, Peter Maciulewicz (“Peter Mack”) was just 11 years old.Today, Peter leads the second generation of Mack Studios as owner and president, with his son, David, representing the third generation as Vice President of R&D.

The Mack family is a historically artistic one. Chuck, a master fine artist, studied at the Cleveland College of Art, while Peter, a jazz bassist, studied at Berklee College of Music.

…a team of multi-talented players…

The same uniquely creative spirit that Chuck brought to the company at the very beginning, is still alive and well with his son Peter at the helm. By bringing a team of multi-talented players together to solve problems and produce cutting-edge work, Peter provides every customer with a first-rate service that helps set Mack Studios apart from its competition.

Continual investment in advanced fabrication, software and computer-assisted technologies enable Mack Studios to be both inventive and competitive with every project.

Mack Studios
5500 Technology Park Blvd.
Auburn, NY, 13021, United States

(315) 252-7542

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