Automotive manufacturer Tesla Motors was looking to include a new type of innovative showroom in its stores. When Tesla sent out a request for proposal (RFP), Mack Studios responded with vigor.

Tesla is re-creating the automotive retail experience through a direct-sales approach, building a network of manufacturer-owned stores in high profile locations across the globe. While creating breakthrough zero-emissions vehicles, Tesla seeks to incorporate its legendary attention to vehicle design into the showroom experience.

The Design Studio is a central feature of all Tesla stores, an interactive wall that allows customers to configure the materials of their dream car and see a rendered version of any color and option scheme on a 42” touchscreen display. The Tesla RFP process for this element of the store included an exhaustive list of the world’s best retail display vendors. A selective group of these vendors provided competitive price, creativity and competence but Peter Mack and his team won the contract based on their passion for providing excellent service.

For Tesla, excellent service from a vendor includes flexibility to iterate quickly, willingness to push technical fabrication boundaries and ability to deliver consistent results under pressure. As one of the world’s most cuttingedge startups, Tesla is an extremely demanding client, and few vendors measure up to our exacting standards. The Mack team demonstrates all of these characteristics and blends a perfect balance of proactive design with execution of Tesla-dictated approach based on our needs for a given situation.

As CEO, Peter personally prioritizes each Tesla challenge that arises and continues to operate as a main point of contact despite his diverse portfolio of clients. We are very happy with our relationship with Mack Studios and plan to continue to use Mack as a close partner moving forward as we continue to re-invent the automotive buying experience.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about the experience of working with Peter and his team.

Joe Powers
Tesla Motors
Manager, Store Development