Mack CS Power Panel

It starts with the Mack CS power panel.

The first step is to attach the Mack CS power panel to the gondola standard. It easily fits into the existing shelf slots.


This creates the power sources for all the LED shelving and ancillary
accompaniments. The panel has pre-positioned power channels on the edges allowing for shelves of varying lengths to be installed at any desired spacing you may need.


Your distinctive look.

When ordering your Mack CS, you decide on the look of the graphic background treatment. Customized is the option, making the display distinctly yours.

The lightweight custom graphic treatment simply adheres to the power panel with Velcro strips. This defining brand element is individually manufactured at Mack Studios to your specifications.


Mack CS Illuminating Shelves

Radiantly fabricated shelves.

Setting up shelves is as easy as attaching them to the power panel. Once the shelves are clicked into the slots, they immediately light up, bringing your display to life. The system uses LED lighting, so it's long-lasting an d energy efficient. In fact, the system is ETL certified.


The shelves are also customized for your needs. They can be made of clear acrylic, which allows the hidden light in the shelf to shine above and below. Other options are metal, wood or any other surfaces you want, which will cast light below the shelves.


Our shelves come in any size to suit your needs. And, can be utilized across two separate power panels, creating a larger, multi-faceted appearance. Each shelf comes with two quick connect auxiliary plugs on the front and back of the shelf frame to accommodate Mack CS add-ons.