Versatility is one of Mack Studios’ greatest strengths.

We don't work only with manufacturers or retailers—we also work with design firms to help them turn their design concepts into operational realities.

ChaseDesign works with retailers like Target to design in-store total environment and fixtures. Once ChaseDesign has developed a concept, it calls on Mack Studios to transform that vision into a tangible display. Mack Studios works with ChaseDesign's world-class designers to build a prototype display, fixtures in this particular case, in its own studio. Then, once the client approves the fixture, Mack Studios goes to the actual store to implement and install the design.

As we do for all our clients, we work together with ChaseDesign to develop a complete, quality solution.

I’ve worked with Mack Studios for 15 years, and they assist our firm with an average of 100-150 projects annually. Each year, I find myself more and more impressed with the work that Mack Studios delivers. The people are truly collaborative, and their can-do attitude goes a long way in making sure that our projects are done on time and on budget.

They always offer creative solutions and consistently provide their clients with work that is of the utmost quality, in part because they understand the importance of continuously updating equipment and developing employees’ skills. Perhaps most importantly, Mack Studios has demonstrated time and time again that they are willing to go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines, and because of this they continue to be a hardworking and reliable partner for our firm.

Pete Lynch
ChaseDesign LLC
Executive Vice President